The goal of wizmotion is to provide software that manage the motion of the robot.
Wizmotion use the WizMove boards.


We are on going to make a new wizmove board, based on a Dsp.
The Dsp will be in charge of making the control of the motors, local odometry and gloabl motion. We will try to use an innovative way for controling the robot motion, it should be based on Trajectory Linearization Controler.

ADNS6010 view

I've written a ADNS60 viewer, it is made width the libSDL (my first SDL program!), it allow you to view in "real-time" (~10fps) what your mouse see, you can adjust the laser power, zoom, move the image, take sceenshot (mpg video and/or animated gif is planned), and read pixels values.
This is what your mouse see, when you put it on a (very) old sun optical mouse pad:


old release and docs can be found at http://www.wisirc.tuxfamily.org/download/wizmotion.

More to come soon, i hope...