The website is back online at http://www.wisirc.tuxfamily.org !!!
http://www.wisirc.org is now a zombie.


First tests of the ADNS6010 sensors, new tool available for viewing what your mouse see!!! (use SDL)

2006/10/03: laser sensor on going

Got the ADNS-6010 connected with EzDSP? board, work on going to get them worked together...

2006/08/16: I'm a gamer ?!?

Received Razer Copperhead mouse (high precision laser mouse for gamers based on ADNS-6010).

2006/08/14: New web site

Now WISIRC homepage is http://www.wisirc.org, hosted by tuxfamily.org

2006/08/10: New wheels mounted on carter, thanks Daniel!

Daniel has made the aluminium part needed to put new wheels on axis motors.

2006/07/??: New wizmove board in preparation

A new WizMove board is in preparation (wizmove3), based on a TI DSP (TMS320F2812), it will handle the 3 motors (with an option for a 4th motor), optical X/Y sensors (laser mouse sensor), and perhaps some other interesting features (still some rooms on DSP peripherals! ;o))...

2006/??/??: New wheels arrived

I've found holonomic wheels at Krause robotic web shop made in polyurethane, they should be good replacement for the current ones...

2005/05/20: HW burned! :(

Unfortunately just before making a demo video, i have burn some piece of Hardware! :(
We are going to replace them, we have buy a new PC104 board on ebay, we will replace the defects components on our motion board, hope this will be done soon.
The demo video should have show the robot in autonomous mode (booting from DiskOnChip?), controlled by an IR remote.
WizMotion SW have progressed a little and seems to give very interesting results.

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