WISIRC is officially born in 2003, it has been created by ancient micro-electronic students from ISIM all sharing the same passion for robotics and/or Open Source initiative(s). Most of the WISIRC's team have participated to the french "coupe E=M6".

Our goal is to participate to the Eurobot and French robotic Cups with a fun and Open Source robot.

All software developped by WISIRC are realeased under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (and v3 when license will be out), and all electronics design, mecanics plan and documentations are plublished under the term of the GNU Free Documentation License v1 (and v2 when license will be out).

We will also try to use as much open source software/tools (EDA, CAD) as possible to achieve our goals.
Unfortunately, you will need proprietary software like protel 99 (MS windows only, doesn't work with wine), Xilinx web pack (MS windows and GNU/Linux), and TI cgtools from CCS DSK IDE for TMS320C2000 and TMS32C6000 DSP platform (Windows only, compiler collection available under GNU/Linux through wine)
Also, we are using Open Souce software like GEDA, Icarus VERILOG and QCAD


The WISIRC project is open, you are welcome to contribute.

We are looking for HW guys who wants to make Open Source PC/104(+) board, like Embedded CPU (non x86), DSP, uC.
We are also looking for do-it-yourselfer who want to publish interoperable and re-usable robotic systems (localisation, detection, arms, etc.)


- Some pages on this site are in french and have not been translated (yet).